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Integrate a DELINS message into a forecast delivery schedule window

Learn how to integrate a DELINS message into a forecast delivery schedule window. NetWeaver guru Axel Angeli advises a user to create a copy of the IDoc and run it through the debugger.

I am trying to integrate a DELINS message into forecast delivery schedule windows from a schedule agreement, but I am not able to do it. It always integrates into jit delivery windows from the schedule agreement.

I've checked the IDoc message (DELFOR01), and I've tried to change LABKY and SCREL values from E1EDP10 segment several times, trying to see if it integrates into the correct window, but I haven't seen results.

I am working with SAP version 4.0B. Could you tell me which parameter to change and to which value to integrate into my message in the correct window, for the forecast delivery schedule in my schedule agreement?

The best thing to do is to go into WE19 and create a copy of the IDoc. Then process it in the debugger to see what truly happens, instead of guessing what the cause might be.

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