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Integrate SAP with SIEBEL

My client wants to know how much it is possible to integrate SAP with SIEBEL for the CRM element.

Are you aware of any special considerations that may have to be undertaken from the SAP side.

They are at Release 4.0B moving to 4.6x

First of all, integrating Siebel with SAP is certainly something
that can be done. You mention that your client is moving to 4.6
which is very good for any integration endeavor since 4.6C has almost
2000 BAPIs compared to 400 in 4.0. The hardest part of the project
will be to exactly define the interfaces required and find out
which BAPIs and/or IDoc Message Types to use for the communication.
Make sure that the BAPIs/IDoc Message types you have identified 
cover the specific functional requirements your client has.
If not, you may need some custom ABAP development.
If you are looking for tools to help with the project, take at look at
www.scribesoft.com. They have a lot of experience in the CRM world
and specific connectors for SAP and Siebel.

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