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Integrate Lotus Notes with SAP 4.7

We are currently running an application in Lotus Notes which integrates with SAP 3.1I involving two way data transfer using the LSX technology.

Now, we are upgrading our SAP version to 4.7 and I understand that the LSX is not compatible with this version of SAP. Can you suggest the other available options to integrate Lotus Notes with SAP 4.7? It would be helpful to get some documentation on the same or websites. I have done some research on the Lotus Notes website but could not get valid information. I'm only getting links to information posted in user forums.

I really don't understand why upgrading your R/3 to 4.7 should affect your external application, unless some RFMs you are calling are no longer available in R/3. Please send all the information you have directly to thomas.schuessler@sap.com and I will take another look at this.

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