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Installing SAP R/3 4.7 and BW 3.0b on a single database

Bert Vanstechelman discusses the proper way to combine SAP R/3 4.7 and BW 3.0b to accommodate your business needs.

I am wondering if SAP R/3 4.7 and BW 3.0b can be installed on a single machine. If so, what are the system requirements? Can you please provide the procedure?
They can be installed in the same database with the multiple component database installation option (MCOD). But I would not recommend this. R/3 is an OLTP application, whereas BW is an OLAP application. The two have different database configuration requirements.

They can, however, be installed on the same host. The system requirements will depend on your business needs. You should ask your hardware vendor for a sizing exercise. This is the only way to make sure that your future hardware platform will be sufficient to support your environment.

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