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Installing SAP NetWeaver PI 7.1 on servers running ECC 6.0

An SAP user wants to know whether to install NetWeaver Process Integration (PI) 7.1 on the same server running ECC 6.0 or a separate server.

We are running SAP ECC 6.0 on Sun SPARC Enterprise T5120 servers in our development, QA and production environments.

We want to install NetWeaver Process Integration (PI) 7.1. Can we install this on the same servers as ECC 6.0, or do we need different servers?

Technically, it isn't a problem to install ECC 6.0 and NetWeaver PI on the same server.

However, NetWeaver PI is middleware and therefore a central technical hub as well as part of the logical failover strategy. Therefore, it would not be wise to install NetWeaver PI on any server where another critical application is running.

NetWeaver PI should continue to run and buffer messages when the partner apps go down and any maintenance of an app should never make PI stop. Therefore, for production use, keep PI in a completely separate sector of your network on its own machine.

Also, there are a few cases in which PI is not critical in use (i.e., if used for mapping) but then the question is whether PI is too expensive a solution.

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