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Installing SAP 6.20 with BW on multiple SAP 6.10 machines

I need to install SAP 6.20 with BW on a number of PC's within our organization. Today, SAP 6.10 is installed on...

most of these machines in several different locations and I need to run sapsweep to remove this as part of the installation script. The preferred installation method for installing the software is by using Tivoli. Now, when I copy the software to a PC and run the script to uninstall and the install SAP the sapsweep program cleans off most of the SAP 6.20 installation files. Is there a way of forcing the sapsweep application to ignore files within a certain directory? If not can you suggest another way round this problem?

Actually you can use the SAPGUI 6.20 Server Installation functionality. You can create an "SAP Installation Server" and set up a new package if necessary. Then, you can deploy it to all workstations. The "SAPsetup.exe" program located on the server storing the SAP FrontEnd software will remove any exisiting version of SAPGUI prior to the installationo of the new version.

The command to run is:

\serversapguisharesetupsapsetup /p:"packagename" /silent

Notice that the /silent parameter is optional. That is only if you want to perform a silent install on the client.

This was last published in December 2002

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