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Installing BW central and database instance

I tried to install BW BW central and database instance. Unfortunately, it failed. I not sure what the steps I'm missing, so I hope to get your guidance on BW installation.

Below steps listed the progress:
1) Central instance installation is Ok.
2) During the database instance installation, while process database loading, the whole Windows hung. I'm not sure why this happened.

All the logs I checked were fine with no error log I could find.

Are you loading the Database Instance in a separate host? If not, why are you doing two separate installs instead of a the Central & Database in one? I don't know what BW release this is you are working on, but you might want to read the SAP Notes related to the setup. If the database load seems to be hung then there's probably a problem creating work processes in the system. You can look if there are any disp+work.exe processes at all while the setup is running. I have had a few systems where the system needed an immediate kernel update. But, I recommend you first take a look at the SAP notes.

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