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Install latest SAPGUI to avoid blank workflow

If you have disparate systems and you're getting a blank workflow, workflow and webflow expert Alon Raskin can help. Here he advises a user who is having this problem, saying to install the newest version of SAPGUI.

Hello Alon,

A user has a new PC with Windows 2000 as the operating system and SAPGUI 4.6D. When they go to transaction ME52, ME53 or the Business Workplace, the workflow area is blank. My understanding is that Microsoft and SAP have similar security patch files, and if they are not installed in the correct order on a new PC, this blank workflow issue occurs. We reinstalled the SAPGUI which solved this issue before.

We tried reinstalling the SAPGUI for this user and this has not corrected the blank workflow issue. I have done research with OSS notes and have not found any other solution than to reinstall the SAPGUI. Do you have any insight on what we can try next and why this is happening?

This is not so much a workflow question (though it does impact the Business Workplace) as much as it is a Basis question. I am pretty sure I had this happen to me too. I could be wrong, but I think all I did was install the latest patches to my SAPGUI.

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