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Infotypes in hr-ABAP

What is infotype in hr-ABAP? What is the use of infotype hr-ABAP?

Infotype(s) are used in the Personnel Management (PA) module primarily. This is where personnel master data is stored. Data is grouped according to subject matter. The Human Resources component aims to enable the user to process employee data in an effective structure in accordance with business requirements. The data structure of infotypes mirrors a logical set of data records. Infotypes can be identified by their four-digit keys, for example, the Addresses infotype (0006). To facilitate reporting on past employee data, infotypes can be saved for specific periods.

Some people use the term HR ABAP to describe the method of managing the infotype data. Typically HR logical databases are used which offers more secure methods of accessing the infotype data. Once the infotypes are declared, you can use standard macros to access the data. Table TRMAC holds the macro name and the code behind it. This makes developing HR programs much quicker and easy to turn around.

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