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Incorporating EP into CUA

In this expert response, Sam Gassem defines the SAP User Management Engine (UME) tool in EP and discusses how it coordinates EP with back-end systems.

Can EP be a child system of the SAP Central User Administration (CUA) tool? If yes, how do we integrate EP with CUA as its child system? Also, how can we create users for EP from CUA in the landscape where one ABAP system is a child system of CUA and the same ABAP system is a user data source for EP too?
In SAP EP, all user-management functions related to users and groups are provided by the SAP User Management Engine (UME), which runs as an integrated service in the portal framework. You can configure UME to replicate user data to back-end systems.

In order to facilitate a single sign-on between the SAP User Management Engine (UME) and SAP systems, user accounts can be replicated to the relevant SAP systems. The data is replicated in one direction only, from UME to the SAP system. Data cannot be replicated from the SAP system to UME.

UME supports replication of user data to SAP systems with release 4.6d or higher. The administrator has to configure in UME to which SAP systems user data is replicated. User data is replicated automatically when user data is created, changed or deleted in the UME.

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