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Incentive codes

We have incentive codes attached to positons and jobs. I need to be able to report on all incentives assigned to a position. By that I mean if an incentive is attached at the job and not the postion I want to report at the job level. If the incentive is at the postion level I want to report on that one. We use a lot of ad-hoc/SAP queries and thought we could get the info from this. Any ideas?
Ad-hoc query will not work for this type of item. Develop an ABAP report using logical database PCH and get any leftover data by using the function module HR_READ_INFTY. This will respect all current security you have in place. I have included a sample ALV GRID program to help you get the look and feel of SAP query. The screen that you need to create will have only one item on it, a custom container (near the bottom of the buttons on the graphical screen painter) that takes up the entire screen.

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