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In an upgrade to SAP ECC 6.0, when do integrated apps get upgraded?

A SearchSAP.com reader wants to know if it's possible to upgrade to SAP ECC 6.0 while also upgrading an interfacing application at the same time. Learn why it might be wise to upgrade the middleware first.

We are running release SAP R/3 4.6d, patch level 2113. The core application module is IS-U/CCS 464, patch 0021. The SAP instance interfaces with approximately 15 systems using a mixture of IDocs/ Business Application Programming Interface (BAPIs) and some real-time status messaging.

We are going to upgrade to SAP ECC 6.0 (technical upgrade only) and one interfacing application is also being upgraded by another department. Our integration broker is Java Composite Application Platform Suite (JCAPS) 5.2. I have been asked if, from an integration perspective, we should do the ECC 6.0 upgrade before or after the interfacing application is upgraded.

As the ECC 6.0 upgrade is technical only and thus covers an upgrade to the components SAP Basis, SAP R/3 4.6c, and patch level 0048, should it make a difference? All application-related functionality will remain unchanged.

There is no real linkage between upgrade and the interfacing. The decision should be made on the recommendation of the JCAPS manufacturer. In case they indicate that the current broker version has known incompatibility issues with later SAP releases, it might be wise to first upgrade the middleware. Personally, I have a tendency to upgrade the middleware first, but this is not a hard requirement.

You can find some Wiki about SAP integration on my archive site, Logosworld.com. Go to About->Logosworld 2005->mySAP.

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