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Import PROD client to DEV instance

I have a question on import of PROD client to DEV instance. I would like to retain my DEV instance and import my prod client to another client in DEV, but given the size of the PROD Client (50 Gb approx) I don't think this would be possible. I was considering exporting the clients from DEV instance, making PROD my DEV system (using DB Copy) and importing the clients back to "new" DEV system.

What are the issues with this, and more particularly, would I lose my version information?

Yes, a PROD client of 50GB is already a little big and client exports/imports are not very efficient. As you indicated, the main problem by doing a database system copy from PROD into DEV is that you lose the version information. Also, keep in mind that if a copy of PROD turns into DEV, you will always be prompted for repairs when trying to modify an object that was originally changed in DEV. Unless you change the appropriate entries in table TADIR, for example. Can you create a sandbox system? A system that you basically refresh from production database backups on a regular basis? This way, your users have place to do no-worries testing. If a homogeneous system copy into a new box is not an option for you due to hardware constraints then maybe you can look into setting up ALE between PROD and DEV to copy the data you want. There is also some third-party vendors who supply mechanisms to "ship" data from one system into another.

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