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Implementing structural authorizations in FI, MM, PM for a cost center hierarchy

1. Can we implement structural authorizations for FI, MM, PM without having completely implemented HR? Meaning, we will have HR implemented after FI, MM and PM are implemented.

2. If so, does that mean just creating a role in PFCG and assigning this role to a position?

3. If we are using structural authorizations for FI, MM and PM, do we define organizational levels (company code, purchasing org, plant, sales org) in PFCG, or as organizational structures defined in HR?

I'm not sure how that would be possible, seeing as all of the code is around the OM structure and the reporting relationships are defined there. I'm guessing from what I've read here that you want to do something along a cost center hierarchy, and that is what you asked the question, but that's just a possibility. The answer is really no.

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