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Implementing problems with Manager's Desktop in SAP HR

Describes how Manager's Desktop runs reports for a department or person. SAP HR expert Brian Stewart explains the process to a user who wants to run a report from the selection screen.

We're implementing Manager's Desktop (v.4.70) and we have a problem when trying to run reports. If I execute a report, it bypasses the selection screen and just tries to produce the report for the department or person I've selected.

For some reports, I need to use the selection screen to add other variable information, such as date ranges. Running the report normally, not through Manager's Desktop, I get the selection screen. How do I set up Manager's Desktop to get the selection screen?

I don't know that you can do that. The whole idea here is that you are only seeing the people that fit the conditions of the tab selected. It wouldn't make sense to run the report via selection screen.

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