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Implementing SAP CIC

Expert Srini Katta discusses the action box configuration and the Business Partner Cockpit.

We are implementing SAP CIC. It would be of great help if you could help in clarifying the below points:
  1. Our client wants the call center agents to be enabled with the information of customers (reports) from FI, CO, DMS, Project Systems, customer service and in-house legacy system.
  2. The CIC agents will not be creating any transactions pertaining to R/3 and agents should be able to see the reports or transactions of the customer in display mode (for service call center agents).
  3. Can I call particular transaction codes from R/3? (I know that I can call transactions viz., va01 from BOR). But I am unable to figure out how can I call a particular transaction code from another system like R/3.
  4. I have already configured the R/3 system to CIC through RFC.
You need to complete the action box configuration to call a particular transaction from R/3. You may have to create a custom BOR object if you are planning any Z transactions from R/3.

SAP CRM comes with Business Partner Cockpit, which contains the BP Factsheet. The fact sheet comes with preconfigured views that would display the business transactions created with reference to the customer etc. you could also create custom views to bring finance data (Accounts Receivables from the customer etc.), BW views to bring reporting data into the factsheet. The fact sheet presents all vital data regarding the customer in one capsule.

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