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Implementing EBP 4 and rolling out P-Cards

We are considering implementing EBP 4 and also rolling out P-Cards. What are the things that we should be thinking of in terms of: 1. The scenario to choose, 2. Process design, 3. Technical design and any limitations in functionality.
Hi there,
The Standard P-Card functionality offered by SAP in EBP is through the Standalone Scenario, where all the procurement functions and document transmissions are handled directly in EBP system. The limitation is that there is no goods receipt possible for P-Card Carts.

However, you can implement the P-Card functionality in a Classic Scenario as well, where you can thereon do the GR and payment processing in R/3 or another backend system. This however requires some development to enable.

Keep in mind the following:

1. Bank Statement - Sometimes the reconciliation approval process does not provide enough data for processing...Are you planning to process within EBP or the card authority's independent system?

  • If EBP, then what level of data are you planning to get from the provider, Level 1, 2,...?
  • EBP has standard IDoc, but it might not fit the card statement.
  • 2. Workflow - The standard workflow for PCard has a provision for only 2 levels. E.g. the card owner and their supervisor will get the workflow notification. Is this enough for your process? If not then you need to think about custom workflow development.

    3. There are some userexits that you can use for your own rules in both EBP and R/3. Review those.

    4. There is no department level cards functionality possible.

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