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Implementation of BW with OLTP system

We are in the process of implementation of BW with OLTP system as SAP R/3 4.6c version. I am not able to find any data sources in many of the application components while attempting to transfer data sources from business content under customizing for extraction. Can you please clarify?

Have you created data source definition for the source OLTP R/3 instance in BW? Also have you installed required Plug-Ins in the source R/3 OLTP instance? Are you able to pull metadata in BW from the source R/3 OLTP? If not, your connection definition is not complete or BW components in R/3 OLTP instance are not installed or configured properly. If you were able to pull metadata in BW from your source R/3 Instance, then you have to prepared datasets in R/3 (say for LIS, statistical data for BW)? If you are referring to BW Demo cubes, the data files are stored on your BW application server and 'SAP DEMO Files' source system is defined. You need to define a "Source System" entry for your R/3 instance in BW and then associate your InfoObject, related to your InfoCube, to that R/3 Source System. This will resolve your problem.

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