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Impact of moving SEM-BPS system into existing BW system

Our initial implementation included separate BW and SEM-BPS installations. A year and a half after go-live, the workload in SEM-BPS does not seem to justify the additional hardware commitment. I am wondering about the impact of moving my SEM-BPS system into my existing BW system where all the business data InfoCubes reside anyway. How would I do this? What would be some of the downside considerations?
If you believe that the additional system is not justifying the performance aspects, you can combine both systems in one BW-SEM system. But during the process, you have to pay attention to certain points, which are:
  • Proper transport of BPS relevant developments (Planning areas, levels, layouts, function, folders, etc…)
  • Transfer of planning data from your existing BPS system into the new system (at this point there are a couple of options, and the one you should use depends on your system) -– you have to transfer the snapshot (in terms of data) of you existing BPS system into your new BW-BPS system.

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