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Immediate vs. batch IDoc processing

I changed inbound IDoc processing from immediate to batch. Under immediate processing, IDoc status went from 64 to 62 to, for example, 53 in one second. Under batch processing, the IDoc went from 64 to 62 in 2 hours then to 53 in one second. I am trying to process a total of 1,500 IDocs. The immediate runs were on a message server that is all dialogue. The batch was routed to a standard app server that has dialogues and background WP. Both servers were identical. Any ideas on what is going on? There is definitely a batch job defined (standard call is to ABAP RBDINP01 or RBDMANIN) which processes the IDocs. This job is apparently scheduled for a certain time only. Try to find the job with SM37 by either looking at the period when your IDocs are indeed processed or try to find a step with RBDINP01 or RBDMANIN.

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