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Identifying users

TCode to User Type (Informational, Operational, Basis, etc.) You gave me some great information on my previous question but I didn't quite get what I was looking for. I'm specifically looking at the TCode and what user type is the TCode. An informational TCode, an Operational TCode, or a Basis TCode. The Users have access to several transactions. If these transactions are all informational then I can identify that user as an informational user. If one of the TCodes they have access to is an operational TCode they would be classified as an Operational user. So my thinking is if I had a list of TCodes with its corresponding User type (Information or Operational, etc.) I could very easily properly identify each of my users. There is a great difference in cost between an informational and an operational user.

I don't think there is a way to find out what type of user a transaction identifies. You can build your own role or job function matrix where you assign transactions to users. What you can find out is where usually transactions are used. That is, in what activity groups.

Some technical background for you:
- Table TSTC contains all SAP Transaction Codes.
- Transaction SE93 displays all information on a specific transaction.

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