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Identifying the user exit in a transaction

Learn how to identify the user exit in a transaction yb opening a program and running a search. NetWeaver guru Axel Angeli describes the process for finding a user exit in SE38.

I need help identifying the user exit in transaction vl02n when you click on the button 'Post goods issue/receipt'.

I only manage to find 'USEREXIT_SET_STATUS_VBUK' , which is being triggered too often. I am trying to do some checks when the user clicks on the button to do GI or GR.

Looking to find user exits? Open your program (here: SAPMV50A) in SE38. Search globally for "CUSTOMER-FUNCTION" or "CL_EXIT".

If there are hits, you have user exits of the second generation (handled with CMOD) or a BADI (handled with SE18/SE19). If this does not help -- this is likely the case in VL02 -- then you have to consider some minimal invasive surgery.

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