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IDocs for purchasing contracts

Techniques for creating contracts with IDocs.

I need to make contracts from purchasing through IDocs. I have an Excel file which contains the data for creating the contract. There are some standard Tcodes in SAP, WE16, which takes the file as input and turns it into an IDoc. Would this procedure be useful in my case? If so, then what would be the file format or would I have to write a program? If a program has to be written then how do I proceed? In the above case, what are the ALE settings that need to be maintained?
IDocs are basically flat ASCII files. You would need to write a program in VBA that exports the data in an IDoc format to a file that can then be read by SAP. Of course, you can produce, format and read the file with ABAP and then map it to IDoc. There is also a possibility to send the IDoc directly via RFC from VBA. The inbound function would be IDOC_INBOUND_ASYNCHRONOUS. To understand how all works together have a look at logosworld.com in the mySAP section.

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