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IDoc lacking customer exit

We are currently in development on the PRICECATALOGUE01 outbound IDoc, which is generated via the VPRICAT transaction in SAP. We have a need to populate some custom fields in a custom segment in the IDoc that we have extended for this purpose. We have discovered through a great deal of research that currently there appears to be no customer enhancements/user exits for the PRICECATALOGUE01 IDoc.

Are you familiar with this IDoc? There isn't much in the way of documentation or OSS notes on this IDoc. Do you know if SAP currently has any plans to add customer enhancements/user exits to the PRICECATALOGUE01 IDoc in the near future?
You have to see IDoc processing functions a simple recommendations, not as a standard implementation.

Do the following: Create a new function module in the customer name space (Z_...., Y-...) in your own function group with the same interface parameters as the original IDoc function (copy it and then delete the coding.) Within this function, call the original processing function. After calling the function, manipulate the created IDoc the way you need it.

You have to register the new IDoc function in table TBD51 (use SM31 and view V_TBD51) before you can use it.

So, no fear. This is an ENHANCEMENT as the IDoc concept is meant to be customized. This is the same concept which is now introduced with BAdIs (Business Add Ins), which also define the extension to be finally used via a table.
This was last published in August 2003

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