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IDoc errors leading to duplicate sales orders

Learn how to solve IDoc errors leading to duplications with sales and purchase orders. Axel Angeli, IDocs expert, describes how.

The purchase order created in one system should generate the IDoc and pass it to other system creating the sales order. Here my problem is, if the client is modifying the purchase order (for which the sales order is already generated), we are getting a new sales order in system 2, which is a duplicate of the previous sales order (but included modifications). Can we restrict the duplications? Is there any way that only changes done to purchase orders will reflect in the sales order, without generating new orders?
There is an error in the setup of the IDoc of the purchase order. The modified PO should create an ORDCHG message type IDoc instead of the ORDERS type when the PO is new. So check the messaging of PO.

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