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IDoc development in version 4.7

A reader seeks resources about IDoc development for release 4.7 of SAP.

I have a question about your book, The SAP R/3 Guide to EDI and Interfaces.

Do you have anything covering SAP version 4.7? Also, there are so many more IDocs and interfaces for HR etc. -- are these included in any of your books? I'd like to know where to get a text that outlines each partner profile setup option and parms/message control.

The basic principle of IDoc development has not changed in 4.7, the engine stays the same and the way to develop IDoc handlers is the same as in 3.0E. Unfortunately, I have no documents that describe the usage of specific standard IDoc handlers. They belong to the respective application and usually do simply unwrap the IDoc data and then call some BAPI or routine of the corresponding business application.

A list of possible inbound combinations is found in table EDIFCT. The processing codes are listed in tables TBD52 for outbound and TEDE2 for inbound processing. For BAPI processed IDocs (via Function BAPI_IDOC_INPUT1 ) the mapping takes place in table TBDBA.

Have a look on the content of those tables, this will bring you on track. Together with inspecting the IDoc-Types (table EDIMSG, transaction WE30) that correspond to certain functions, you usually can tell from the choice of segments and segment fields, which will be the good one for your purpose. Keep in mind that some IDoc types are deliberately redundant, as they have been designed to match different EDI standards.

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