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IBM DLT autoloader trouble

Our spanned backups using MSSQL7.0 R/3 release 3.1H Database has grown beyond the capacity of our DLT. We have purchased an IBM DLT autoloader but when the first tape reaches its end (using scheduled backup with SQL Agent), we get an error stating that Tape in drive may have changed and the backup stops. We have tried several options (INIT, NOINIT, SKIP,NOSKIP) but until now we only managed to make it work once. We tried a second time using exactly the same backup options, but it keeps failing with the same error. What could we be doing wrong?

How large is this database? Have you looked into backing up just certain files? Do you back up to disk at all? Is there any space to do this?

Take a look at "Data File backups" in the Books Online that comes with SQL Server.

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