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I recently got involved with SAP Basis. Can I move into a new position?

Hi Jon,

I have been working on Lotus Notes application development for more than five years and since last year have gotten involved in SAP Basis. The main activities that I am doing are: monitoring the system, performance analysis, transport of change requests, and backup scheduling.

I want to make a career in SAP. What is best line of action I need to take if I want to quit my present job now and apply for a new job in a SAP Basis?

I'd like to see you hold onto your current job a bit longer. It's good that you have a year of Basis experience, but I don't think that's going to open many doors for you unless you can find a company that is running Lotus Notes and SAP and is interested in both aspects of your skills.

Otherwise, I would recommend staying with your company for another year and trying to learn as many Basis functions as possible. If you could get more skills in EAI/middleware, or perhaps security and authorization, that would really enhance your core Basis skills. Who knows, your company might even upgrade a new version of SAP and provide you with some new challenges that way.

Once you have two years of SAP under your belt, you could start thinking more about a new project and a new challenge. The only exception I can think of is if you really start to stagnate in your current role. If you really find yourself bored and doing little of nothing to expand your skills, then you might have to test the market now. But otherwise, see if you can stay where you are and beef up either your technical or leadership experience a little bit more.

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