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I have developed a great query tool, how do I get it out there?

I have developed a generator of queries (interactive ABAP Reports), which is more fast, advanced and adequate to...

an ABAPer's needs and understanding then standard tools. You get a query in a minute. Training takes 15 minutes. ALL my nearest colleagues use it for reporting, exploration of a DB content and for getting fragments of more complex programs. I believe that the generator is definitely useful to all ABAP programmers and to many consultants. But the development of programming tools is not my main responsibility and so I can not finish all the design in a reasonable time. I know about SAP Partnership Program, but my Company is not interested in selling of a self-made software piece. I am ready to any kind of collaboration. What can I do?

You can do what you've just done: start marketing yourself and your idea! But next time, put your name out there in a public forum instead of in an anonymous Q&A. :) Since you have developed a tool that is actually being used on projects, you have something that could be of real use. Many vendors and consulting firms like to have such proprietary products to help them win SAP project engagements. But they won't know who you are unless you get the word out. Remember that you're going to face a major crossroads: developing and marketing the product yourself, or selling it "as is." Unless you have the business skills and desire to build and run your own company, I'd recommend simply trying to sell your product to the highest bidder and moving on with your life. It's not the most lucrative path, but it's the best one unless you're ready for the blood, sweat and tears of entrepreneurial life.

This was last published in January 2003

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