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I can't install SAP 4.6 on one specific Win2000 computer

I tried to install SAP 4.6 on a new Windows 2000 computer. The install was attempted when logged in as the local administrator. During the install a message was received stating "saptabcn.ocx access denied". The installation then aborted. The application was removed and another install was attempted with the same results. I am able to install SAP on other computers, but not this one. What gives?

I assume that you are installing SAPGUI 4.6x here. The problem is that this .OCX (ActiveX Control) file is under the program filescommon filesSAP sharedsystem folder. You need to complete remove SAPGUI first. If you cannot run the SAPGUI uninstall, you can trying using SAPsweep.exe. If you don't have it, then you will need to remove it manually. Delete the sappc folder and its subfolders and files. Also, delete the program filescommon filesSAP sharedsystem folder. Finally, remove the entries in the registry for SAP. Reboot the PC and then install it again under an account that has local administrator privileges on the PC.

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