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I/O spool error

We are getting I/O spool error very frequently, I have reorg the Temsee via sp12 during our monthly maint, but it is still not helping, any suggestions?

A consistency check compares data in table TST0I(TemSe objects) and TST03 (Temse data). You should delete any inconsistencies.

You can also perform consistency checks by using transaction SPAD (select Adnistration-oconsistency Check) or by executing the report RSPOOO43 as a periodic background job. Keep in mind that consistency checks in Temse run online and they may take a long time. It is best to run them when there is nobody logged on.

See these SAPNet notes for further information:
16875 Temse objects do not match Temse files
48400 Reorganization of Temse and Spool
98065 Spool consistency check with RSPO1043 as of 4.0A

If you don't have access to SAPNet just send me an e-mail and request the notes and I will e-mail them to you.

TemSe can store the data inside the database or at the operating system level. To determine where the data is stored, set the parameter rspo/store_location as follows:
db stores the data in the database (default)
G stores the data in an operating system file in the global directory

If storing in the database, make sure that the R/3 database has enough free space. Otherwise, expand the database files. If storing at the OS level, make sure that there's enough free space on disk.

By the way, this topic is covered in my book "SAP Basis Administration ... A Step-by-Step Guide to Practical Daily Tasks and Activities", chapter 8, page 180. Order it at www.giovannidavila.com/sapbasis

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