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How to work around with the retraction of data into R/3 from SEM

How do I do a work around with the retraction of data into R/3 from SEM?
SEM BPS provides standard retraction functionality for certain functional areas, like cost center planning. If you want to retract data for these functional areas, you can use standard functions delivered by SAP. If you want to retract data for functional areas that do not have standard retraction functionality, you have to develop your own ABAP program. You can review the standard BAPIs in SAP R/3, and use them if they fulfill you requirement. If there is no suitable BAPI for your requirement, you can develop custom RFC function to retract data. You can integrate your custom retractor into your planning folders to send data into R/3 after the user completes his/her tasks in BPS. Or you can use your function as a standalone ABAP program to read data from the transactions cube (which your plan data is stored) and post the data into the relevant R/ 3 component.

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