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How to upgrade DB2 on SAP R/3 4.7

An administrator using SAP R/3 4.7 wants to know if it is possible, when upgrading IBM DB2, to perform a transport change from development to production despite differences in database environments.

We have SAP R/3 4.7 with IBM DB2 Fix Pack 6 and the database administrator wants to upgrade the database version to Fix Pack 16. This is going to be done in our DEV and QAS environment before the PRD environment.

Could I do a transport change request from DEV to PRD during the test stage even though the database version of both environments are different? While the change is taking place, I'm also investigating to see if our SAP R/3 4.7 is compatible with DB2 Fix Pack 16.

SAP code is database- and OS-independent. It is perfectly possible to do this, and is supported to run your development and quality assurance system on SQL Server/Windows and your production system on Oracle/AIX. This is inevitable during an OS/DB migration in which the development and quality assurance has already been migrated, and production not.

As such, upgrading DB2 on the development and quality assurance system, while leaving DB2 on the production system in the old version, should be no problem.

One exception: You should be careful if you use EXEC SQL in your own ABAP code. EXEC SQL can be used to call SQL code directly. SQL code is always database-dependent, although, different database versions might respond slightly differently.

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