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How to transfer RFC data using JCo or .NET connector

Learn how to transfer data through RFC from NetWeaver expert Axel Angeli. He describes how to use application-level APIs like the Java connector (JCo) and .NET Connector.

My question is on the communication protocols that support the Web AS architecture, namely DIAG and RFC. Where can I find specifications for these protocols?
The low-level technical specification of RFC is propriatory to SAP and not meant to be tampered with by any external program. If you want to transfer data through RFC, you need to make use of the SAP provided low-level API, e.g. librfc32.dll for Intel-based machines.

To conveniently use them, you are better off using the application-level APIs like the Java connector (JCo) and .NET Connector. Librfc32.dll is part of the SAPGUI installation, the JCo and .NET connectors can be downloaded from http://service.sap.com.

If you want to know how to use JCo or the Windows OCX provided with SAPGUI, have a look in the mySAP and NetWeaver sections of my site, http://www.logosworld.com.

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