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How to start a design interface for SAP HR

I was asked to design an interface for SAP HR for merging the employee data into the existing Siebel system. For that, I am considering an IDoc / webmethod. What will be best way to start designing the interface? I have prepared the FS and would like to design the interface. I have very little knowledge in interface technology. Basically, it will be an outbound interface from SAP HR module.

Can you please tell me where to start?

There are essentially the following steps to follow:

1. Define the trigger that marks the sending of the IDoc (that can be a NAST record, a workflow event or a direct call to function MASTERIDOC_DISTRIBUTE)
2. Define the IDoc types and message types to use (WE30/WE31)
3. Define a function module that creates the IDoc (unless you use a standard one) (SE37)
4. Define partner profiles for outbound in WE20
5. Test the sending and monitor results with WE02

Generally speaking: Interface design is mainly a developer's job, so you should get assistance of a developer if you are not familiar with it by yourself. The debugger is the most valuable tool in IF design. Technical background can be found in the "R3 Guide to EDI and Interfaces."

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