How to solve output alignment problems with SAPscript printing

A reader wants to know how to set a SAPscript to align an HP4300 printer and LOCL logical SAP output.

When using SAPscript to print payroll checks, everything is aligned when LOCL is used for the printer. The problem...

is that it does not align correctly when using a specific printer, such as HP4300 model HPLJ4350.

How can the SAPscript be corrected so there is no difference in alignment between HP4300 and LOCL to the same printer?

In short, I don't know of a good way to "correct" the SAPscript. Is it possible that the SAPscript itself is fine? Perhaps the issue is how it is being tested.

SAP handles LOCL printouts -- which are essentially directed to a front-end printer -- differently from those sent to a logical SAP output device (i.e., A3A1 or P118). You've probably noticed the little pop-up window (i.e., for SAPLPD or SAPsprint) which appears when sending something to a front-end printer. This is reading in various settings associated with the default printer on your front-end computer, all of which influence output.

(Incidentally, if you want to understand more on front-end printing from SAP, look at SAP Notes 328252 and 85469.)

In contrast to this "moving target," logical devices have their device types set up directly in SAP. You can drill down into their properties in SAP spool administration (transaction SPAD).

Getting the two outputs, which travel a different path, to align perfectly is a tricky proposition. I have yet to do so consistently. Which is why I recommend taking LOCL test results with a grain of salt. If you want to see how output will really appear on a printer connected as a logical device in your production environment, I suggest setting it up the exact same way in your development and QA environments as well -- as a logical device.

And if you cannot use that same physical printer for testing, find another of the same make and model (or as close a match as possible) to use in those environments. That should give you a much better idea of what to expect.

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