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How to solve a failed table conversion in SAP Basis

Read advice on how to solve a failed table conversion in SAP Basis.

We run SAP CRM 4.0 on SAP Basis 6.20 with pathc level 036. When I enter STMS, it gives me this error message:

"The TMS configuration is inconsistent."

When entering the import overview and display (F8), it gives this message:

"System KCP Command
Client 000 Service Transport Service
User TMSADM Start Online
Date 06.10.2005 Function
Time 14:03:01 Message

Transport control program tp ended with error code 0208. Errors: error in transportprofil (param missing, unknown."

Somewere on this site I read that tables TRBAT AND TBATG should be empty -- otherwise the transport system will hang. I controlled the TRBAT -- it is empty but TBATG has records in it. What should I do?

Table TBATG contains control information for table conversions. A table conversion probably failed. Have a look in transaction SE14 and try to restart the failed conversion.

This is not, however, the reason for the return message from TP. You should:

1. Upgrade your SAP kernel to the latest version. TP 6.20 version 036 is very old and no longer supported. You should install the backwards-compatible 6.40 kernel.
2. Delete and reconfigure the transport system for this system (transaction STMS --> system overview --> delete TMS configuration). STMS will automatically prompt you to reconfigure STMS and to reintegrate the system in the transport landscape.


This was last published in November 2005

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