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How to round a float number in FOX

Do you know how I can ROUND a float number in FOX?

Second, I have a problem with the sequence. When I have many sentences, this doesn't work well. I have to execute one to one. Do you know why?
Actually there is no predefined rounding function in FOX. But you can implement your own rounding function using the combination of CEIL, FLOOR, TRUNC and FRAC functions.

To execute a planning level successfully, you should define your functions at the same planning level and create parameter groups for these functions. Also, you have to make sure that each and every planning function and parameter group used in your sequence do not conflict with your characteristic value restrictions in planning levels and planning packages. Depending on the restrictions, your sequence might work for certain characteristic values (may fail for other values) or can work up to a certain point and fail at that stage where restrictions do conflict with levels or packages. I recommend you to review the above points, and I believe this will solve your problem.

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