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How to reserve all processes for class A jobs

We have all our BTC processes reserved for class A jobs, but class B and C jobs are still running. When we made the change we restarted the system. We're currently running 4.0B. Oracle/Solaris.
You can reserve any number of background work process to be kept free for high-priority, or class A, jobs. Reserving work processes for class A jobs does not reserve any particular work process in a server for class A jobs, but rather makes sure there are a certain number of work processes free at all times.

To set the number of class A background work processes, you'll need to set the work process distribution and assign each work process to an operation mode (transaction RZ04). Then, you need to activate the operation mode in the operation mode time table (transaction SM63). The operation mode will be activated automatically as time passes. You can force an operation mode switch with the CCMS control panel (transaction RZ03).

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