How to replace a cancelled SAP workflow item

Find out how to automatically replace an SAP workflow item when a user hits "cancel" so that the workflow item re-appears to all possible agents.

Is it possible to execute a task, press "cancel" (F12) and then replace the SAP workflow item so that everyone who previously had the task in their SAP Business Workplace (SBWP) will see it?
Your question is an interesting one. The main thing you need to ask is whether the user pressed "cancel" because they didn't want to execute the workflow item or if they did so because they want to do the work but need to step away from their PC. Essentially, what you're asking is whether it is possible to automatically replace a workflow item if the user hits "cancel" so that the workflow item re-appears to all the possible agents.

If you do want to implement this, you could model the "cancel" as an outcome on the task and then call a background...

step which replaces the workflow item. Depending on which SAP release you are on, you probably have access to a WAPI SAP_WAPI_PUT_BACK_WORKITEM, which will execute the replace.

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