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How to recover the SAP history database

If your SAP history has been lost during service to your computer, learn how to recover the history database. Basis expert Giovanni Davila explains the process to a concerned user.

I have SAPGUI 6.2D and somehow after I sent my laptop for service, the history did not work anymore.

I can't get the list of history values re-displayed on the SAPGUI input field -- no matter what I do. I compared...

it value by value with another user (by going through the SAP Customizing of Local Layout section) but still that did not seem to help.

Boy, when you are so used to pressing the space bar and the list of history value is immediately displayed for you to select, and now nothing appears, it's kind of frustrating that I have to re-type the values!

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

The SAP history database is stored under your own profile: %USERPROFILE%SAPWorkDir

However, this file is very sensitive and it is also unique. You cannot simply rename somebody else's history file to yours, for example. It could be that the file got corrupted and that's why you lost the history. Also, you have to make sure "history" is turned on. It can be turned off.

Amazingly, some users do not like it or find it annoying. On the contrary, I feel it's of great use. Just keep in mind that the file will overwrite old entries once it reaches its size or age limit. If you didn't have a backup copy of it before you sent your laptop for service you might have to re-type the data again.

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