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How to pursue an SAP developer job even if you hate Java

Find out why someone looking for an SAP developer job who does not like Java, should pursue SAP ABAP instead of SAP XI or SAP EP.

I have two years of experience in Java but I didn't feel comfortable with programming. In fact, I didn't like it. I want to try for an SAP NetWeaver career. Which would be better for me, ABAP or XI/EP?
If you feel uncomfortable with programming, you might want to take a more functional role in ERP. But it might be simply the Java language that irritated you. There are many out there who have problems with Java, since this language is not necessarily obvious. Interestingly enough, really smart developers who know Object Orientation as a real concept have the most difficulties with Java. So I suggest you try an ABAP course to see if this suits you. XI and EP are certainly not modules to start with. You will like them even less than Java, since Java is at their core.

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