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How to move SAP NetWeaver Enterprise Portal between servers

An SAP NetWeaver Enterprise Portal consultant is having problems moving Enterprise Portal from one server to another.

I am an SAP NetWeaver Enterprise Portal (EP) consultant. I am trying to replace a Hewlett-Packard physical server running EP with a new server. I have taken the backup off the old server and restored it on the new server.

However, about 30 minutes after it goes live, the new server stops working. What could I be doing wrong here? Are there certain precautions I should take when backing up the server?

Did you refresh the SAP license? The SAP license key depends on the machine identification number. If you swap boxes, you need a new license key.

Without a proper license, the system stays online for 30 minutes to allow you to install a new one. If there is no license installed within that time, the system shuts down again.

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