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How to manage two stages of backups: disk-to-disk and disk-to-tape

We use HP-UX 11i / Oracle 8.1.6 and R/3 4.6C. Right now, we use tapes for backup. Now we've got more hard disks available. I have suggested the management to go for two stages of backups -- disk-to-disk backup and then disk-to-tape backup. But I am not sure how to go about it. Please help me.
Every major hardware and software vendor has a solution for the disk-to-disk and disk-to-tape backup. Hewlett Packard Business Copies and EMC Time Finder are just two of them. Even the SAP BR-Tools support the snapshot technology. Have a look at the backup/recovery for Oracle portal* in SAPNET. There are some white papers out there which explain the concept and implementation.

In addition, I wrote an article for the SAP Professional Journal on the subject: A Homogeneous System Copy in 60 Minutes, it can be done. It appeared in the January/February 2002 issue of the journal and is still for sale at http://www.sappro.com. The article explains in detail the implementation for R/3 4.6C and above in combination with Oracle or Informix on HP-Unix.

* Authorization needed to access the SAP service marketplace

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