How to limit quota deduction amounts in SAP HR

Find out how to set deduction amounts on a quota record in SAP HR, and why there may be opportunity to add a limit at data entry when using Employee Self-Service (ESS).

Is there a way to set a maximum deduction amount on a quota record in SAP HR? We transfer one-twelfth of the annual quota amount each month and allow the balance to go negative.

Per policy, employees should not apply for more than their annual entitlement. However, the system does not prevent it. With the allowance of going negative 40 hours, they could enter their full-year entitlement plus another 40 hours.

Table T556A, which can also be viewed through T559L base entitlement, allows you to set whether a quota may go negative, and to what extent. If the effective dates cover the full calendar year, then by the end of the year, the employee could effectively enter the earned 40-hour quota in addition to the full quota allowed to go negative. Depending on the number of groupings and absence quotas you have, you could delimit each month, albeit this solution is cumbersome.

Based on your question, it sounds as if you are using Employee Self-Service (ESS) or a similar method for data entry. Although I'm not that familiar with ESS, there may be an opportunity to add a limit at data entry.

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