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How to lesson overhead in the Java SAP Connection

Hi, may I pose two questions? 1. What would you suggest to lessen the overhead in JAVA SAP Connection? Is it OK...

to maintain connection to SAP until the user finally logs off from a JAVA Servlet interface or will it be better that after each BAPI call that's the time the user will connect to SAP and disconnect when the data has received by JAVA? 2. What will be the best setup for an Internet based application using SAP and JAVA Servlets? Thank you very much!!! You have been so much help for us exploring this side of a beautiful world.

a) That depends on the details of the application. As long as you do not need to maintain state in SAP, it is best to use a connection pool and keep the connection only for the duration of a processing step. If state is required, you will have to hold on to the connection until you commit or roll back.
b) Please elaborate the question. I am not sure what exactly you are referring to.

This was last published in May 2002

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