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How to invoke a Web service from SAP using a JCo server

Our expert goes through the steps on invoking a Web service using a JCo server from SAP .

How do I invoke a Web service from SAP using a JCo server?
You would first create a JCo server and configure your ABAP program to access it (search on " jco server" at SearchSAP.com for tips on how to create and configure a JCo server). The JCo server itself will need to incorporate wrapper code, as the JCo API does not provide a native mechanism to invoke a Web service. For this you will need some additional APIs (XML parser, etc.). Check out the Apache group for some great tools on Web services development. Using tools such as Apache Axis can greatly facilitate Web services development and allow you to effectively convert an outbound RFC call into an XML message that invokes a Web service.

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