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How to introduce a new tablespace structure with an OS/DB migration

Learn how to introduce a new tablespace structure with an OS/DB migration.

When we do an OS/DB migration, how can we introduce the new tablespace structure, eg. psap , as specifed in 6.40?

1. Creating the DB with the new tablespace layout is not an issue.
2. While exporting the data from an old environment (R/3 Enterprise), which has the old tablespace layout, all the files with DBSIZE.TPL and DDLORA.TPL are created with old tablespace reference. How can this be changed while importing, so that it will go to the new TS layouts?

Use the DBSIZE.TPL and DDLORA.TPL templates which come with the standard SAP installation CDs. They reside on the export/language CD. Both templates are ready for the new database layout.

Please note that you will need to add your customized table classes to the standard DDLORA.TPL before the import.

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