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How to interface between Seeburger and R/3 while doing EDI configurations

Our expert advices using RFC calls to access Seeburger middleware during EDI configurations.

I'm doing a new EDI implementation between R/3 and a legacy system using Seeburger as middleware. I want to know how to interface between Seeburger and R/3 while doing EDI configurations? What are the steps?
Seeburger connects to R/3 using the SAP-Gateway. Please follow the Seeburger installation guide; that describes in detail what you need to do. The only element that needs to be configured in R/3 is creating an RFC-Port in SM59 that uses a registered server (the name is defined by Seeburger). The name of the gateway is set by your system administrator (normally: SAPGW00 where 00 is the system number, the same as in SAP log on). Once, Seeburger has connected to R/3, you can access Seeburger by making RFC calls to the RFC-Destination defined in SM59.

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