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How to get into a company that uses SAP on UNIX or Oracle

I have five years of experience in SAP Basis, ranging from 3.1h to R/3 Enterprise and NetWeaver. The only problem is that I have performed mainly in SQL 2000 and Windows environment. Most jobs I see have SAP running on UNIX and Oracle. I have taken an Oracle 9I technical class but I am still shaky at best -- and I have no UNIX background. What can I do to get my foot in the door to a company that uses Unix/Oracle?
It's not always easy to switch technical platforms. As long as you have good work in the SQL environments, I don't know that you need to switch to another platform. However, if you are determined to make the switch, then I'd suggest that you look for companies that have smaller subsidiaries or divisions running on SQL/Windows and larger corporate divisions running on UNIX/Oracle. Perhaps from there, you can work your way into a new technical platform. It's always easier to do this "from the inside."

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